Think pieces to spark inspiration, conversation, and new ideas.

The Noodler is an independent platform uniquely curated through the lens of women thinkers, researchers, strategists, and creatives with an eye for contextualizing the present and forecasting the future. Each publication explores an overarching theme from a multitude of perspectives - from the philosophical and scientific to personal and professional.

The Noodler exists in opposition to the hyper-paced, thumb-scrolling, attention-shrinking fare that infiltrates our feeds and in-boxes. This is slow content - based on cultural research and observational insights - meant to be contemplated, discussed, savored and shared.

We proudly pay our contributors, designers, and editors.


Who started The Noodler? 

The Noodler is published by The Noodle Collective - a woman-owned consultancy located in Ojai, California, and curated by Brady Hahn - the founder of The Noodle Collective, and cultural strategist Rebecca McQuigg Rigal, the founder of Kindher.co.

How are the themes selected?

Themes are chosen based on reviewing trend research and cultural insights - serving as a time capsule and can be combined with future issues for deeper exploration. 

How are contributors selected? 

Contributors represent a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. Our team researches contributors based on their areas of expertise and unique lens on the theme, and their availability to contribute. 

Do you accept submissions? 

We do not accept unsolicited submissions at this time. 

What kind of content can I expect? 

The Noodler includes original articles, written and recorded Q&A's, virtual fireside chats and roundtables, plus art/photo/video essays.
Note: Transcriptions will be provided for recorded content.

Do you pay contributors? 

Yes! We pay our contributors and the women who design and edit this material. You can support our efforts by becoming a paid subscriber (see details below).

Why subscribe for free? 

We've curated some amazing content for you to read, listen to, and enjoy! By subscribing to our mailing list, we will let you know when new content goes live. As a free subscriber, you will have access to content from the current edition only.

Why join as a paid subscriber? 

If you choose to become a paid subscriber - at any level - it ensures The Noodler can continue to exist. In addition, you will have access to all of the archives and early-bird access to register for special opportunities.

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Can I purchase a downloadable version?

Yes. In addition to the written content, the PDF version includes transcriptions from audio/video interviews. These will be available for purchase at thenoodlecollective.co.

The Noodler is a project from The Noodle Collective. Visit thenoodlecollective[dot]co or Email info[@]thenoodlecollective[dot]co to speak to our team.