Reflection Point

Summer vacation, a quick survey and our favorite reads

Reflection Point

We are going on summer vacation and will return Wednesday, August 30, with the final contributor piece for Volume 01. In the meantime, we wanted to share some of our favorite reads on all things liminal - and hear from you!


We have 5 quick questions for you that will take less than 5 minutes of your time.


The Psychology Behind Liminal Space A Transitional Place or Time That Can Feel Unsettling by Theodora Blanchfield, AMFT | Very Well Minded

The Eerie Comfort of Liminal Spaces by Jake Pitre | The Atlantic

Everything Everywhere All at Once: Cinema Is a Toolbox, and So What? by Belinda Q. He | World Literature Today

LETTER: Women and the Liminal Space of the Pandemic by Lori Yetman | The Independent

Liminal Design: A Conceptual Framework and Three-Step Approach for Developing Technology That Delivers Transcendence and Deeper Experiences by Johan Liedgren, Pieter M.A. Desmet, and Andrea Gaggioli| Frontiers